Daydreaming may be good for us, but we are surprisingly bad at it.

Woman daydreaming while lying in a field of yellow flowers

Daydreaming has been under attack for generations. As children we were told to “get that head out of the clouds and pay attention.” In adulthood recent studies have told us that mind-wandering seemed to make us unhappy because it usually leads to negative rumination.

Now a group of researchers are…

Sand dune

When our children are afraid, parents will do whatever they can to help them feel better. If children struggle with fear in an ongoing way, it can create a problem for the whole family. Parents want to both comfort their child and make sure that they gain the skills to…

When we disagree with our group, our brains make note of it to change our opinion later.

Why is it so difficult for the person who thinks differently to make headway in most organizations? And why does an entire generation suddenly believe things that are very different from people 10 years older, and take those beliefs as obvious? The answer lies in the brain.

A new study

Boy taking a test with a pencil

Most parents believe that setting their kids up for a successful life means sending them to a good school. If their student attains academic achievement then they are on their way to a happy life, or so we believe. Then in 2019 the National Academy of Sciences designated kids at…

Eye blinking is the missing link between fitness and brain function.

An exercise class stretching their arms.

Most of us know by now that successful people exercise. It’s such a status symbol that the workout routines of presidents like Bush and Obama and CEOs like Ariana Huffington and Jeff Bezos are frequently covered by the media. We know exercise is good for us, but one of the…

If we can do math while dreaming, what other problems might we solve?

Karen Konkoly was asleep at Shangri-La, a music festival in Minnesota. She was having a beautiful dream until the sound of her boyfriend’s snoring filled their tent. But she didn’t wake up. Instead, when the snoring penetrated her sleep, Konkoly realized she was dreaming. As she recognized that the entire…

It can be hard to tell when someone is lying by their expression, but new research finds we can hear it in their voice.

The recent pandemic of misinformation has made us recognize just how important it is to know if someone is telling us the truth. Some lies in 2021 are easy to recognize, like space lasers starting wildfires in California or lizard people controlling the world. But other lies are less obvious.

Letting our thoughts drift can actually help

When the Pixies released their hit song “Where Is My Mind” in 1988, they could hardly have known what a hot research topic the wandering mind would become. Nor could they have imagined how controversial mind-wandering could be.

Cognitive scientists are currently in a debate about whether mind-wandering is good…

Alison Escalante MD

How can we take effective action under pressure? Forbes Contributor | TEDx Speaker | Pediatrician | PsychToday |

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